Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting a new PC is like cleaning the attic

I've been migrating files from my old HP something-or-other desk top to my new Dell
Inspiron XPS 1501X lap top. I don't have a special affinity for any of the PC manufacturers left on the market today, but we use Dell computers at the office, so a Dell seemed just as good as any other PC for now.

This lap top is what is generally called a "desk top replacement," and it's bigger than the one I use at the office. However, it's also not designed to be lugged back and forth between work and home--that is unless you have a one-floor commute.

Sorting through old directories and files is like cleaning the attic. I found stuff that I'd forgotten about, and other stuff that was just no longer worth hanging on to.

I knew I'd hit some kind of land mark when I blew out the last remaining electronic vestiges of my previous job. There are no other back-ups for what I deleted. It's gone. No regrets here!
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Saturday, February 19, 2011


I just updated my professional web site Over its lifespan it's gone through several face lifts. The first version, which you can see here on the WayBackMachine, was designed exclusively using Note Pad. (Learning raw HTML proved to be quite a career enhancer for me!)

I created the original in 1998 to republish my newspaper columns as well as to provide useful web resources for my macroeconomics and microeconomics classes that I was teaching at the time. However, I haven't taught economics in a f2f classroom for almost 10 years so my site seemed long overdue for yet another change.

Rebuilding my site this time around was a LOT easier. I wanted to use an application that was easy to use, reasonably priced, and offered both HTML and WYSIWYG functionality. In other words, a product that landed somewhere between NoteTab and Dreamweaver.

Although I didn't use one, I found so many interactive easy-to-complete web forms that I found it hard to believe that every professional doesn't have their own web site. Note: Facebook does NOT count, and LinkedIn is too constraining!
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